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John the Ripper [Usage:] john [options] password-file [Common Options:] –format:NAME (Specify HASH type) –rules (Enables wordlist rules) –show (Shows cracked pw in easy form) –test (Benchmark all enabled ciphertexts) –stdout[:LENGTH] (makes JTR print the words it generates to stdout) [Example:] john –format=NT-old –fork=4 hasfile.txt

oclHashcat —

oclHashcat How To: Website:¬†http://hashcat.net/oclhashcat/ oclHashcat needs .cap files to be converted to .hccap before it can start the password recovery process. Aircrack-ng suite will output files in .cap with all captures SSIDs found in the scan. So we first want to run wpaclean which will reduce the file to just the 4 way handshakes found […]